Zalfa Hurtado Cassab

Approved Candidate (What is this?)
Multilingual Administrative Assistant | Social Media | Translator - English, Spanish, French
Current Hiring Status
Actively interviewing
Areas Of Expertise
Administrative Grants Administration Social Media
Bilingual Administrative Assistant
01/2019 - 01/2019

• In charge of the nonprofit's communication in person, on the phone, and by email
• Systematized files, wrote and translated letters and projects (English to Spanish - Spanish to English - French to Spanish)
• Administrated petty cash transactions and compared prices for monthly acquisitions

General Consulate of Argentina in Santa Cruz
Project Manager
11/2015 - 07/2016

• Researched and curated a list of prospective donors for the Library
• Persuaded donors by phone and by email and collaborated for the procurement of bibliographical materials both nationally and internationally
• Crafted a plan to determine the potential stakeholders for the Library project
• Mastered the Dewey Cataloguing System, educated and supervised 12 interns on using it
• Obtained 2,000 titles and exceeded the initial goal by 400%
• Launched the Library within the deadline
• Sent thank you notes to donors

American Civic Association
Administrative, Grant Writing, and Social Media Intern
01/2019 - 01/2019

• Researched, wrote, reviewed and submitted three major grant proposals (won one)
• Reviewed and standardized all of the organization's job descriptions, including six new intern and volunteer descriptions
• Reviewed and updated the organizational chart
• Created and sent out attractive promotional emails for the organization's events and services through MailChimp. Designed flyers and images for ACA's social media using Canva.
• Assessed the organization's standing and developed strategies for its advancement, proposing a grants calendar, events calendar, and how-to guides
• Translated documents from Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese to English

Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz
International Relations, Degree
2008 - 2013

International Relations, Political Science, Diplomacy.
During this time three of my articles were published in different newspapers.

State University of New York at Binghamton
Public Administration, Master
2019 - 2019

Public Administration, Nonprofit Administration, Performance Analysis, Governance.
My internship at the American Civic Association permitted me to improve my nonprofit advocacy, social media management, and grant writing skills.

What I Do

I recently graduated from a Masters in Public Administration program and have previous administrative experience both in person and online.
I have worked in the nonprofit world as an administrative assistant and as grant writing and social media intern. As a virtual assistant I created and strengthened partnerships, updated websites and was on charge of link building.
I fluently speak English, Spanish, and French. Not only I can translate and interpret from any of those languages, I am able to perform administrative work in any of them.
Experienced with Google, Office, Canva, Zoom, Skype, and InDesign. I am a self-starter, a fast learner, and a problem solver. My skills, combined with my education and my professional background make me a perfect fit for any nonprofit, as I am versed in public policy and in international politics as well.

What I Am Looking For

As someone passionate about human rights, I would love to serve a nonprofit that works in advocacy for a better world.
I am open to support the administrative endeavors, advocacy campaigns, grant writing or translation efforts that would help to advance a fair cause. I feel comfortable in any of these roles because I have previous experience in all of them.
Currently, I am following news about environmental issues, the immigration crisis in the Northern countries, gender inequality cases and the alarming trends of femicide in the world. These are the types of causes that touch my heart and I would love to contribute for.
I am a multipotentiate interested in solving issues at a nonprofit. I am passionate about human rights, translation, and marketing. I aspire to join a team with an open and balanced company culture that values top talent. To me, the ideal organization is where team members are valued, can grow professionally, and feel free to pitch ideas.


Grant Writing Intern: Obtained the Office of New Americans grant for the American Civic Association.

Marketing Virtual Assistant: Created new partnerships for Sterling Law Offices.

Project Manager: Crafted a plan to determine the potential donors for a Library project. Mastered the Dewey Cataloguing system, educated and supervised 12 interns on using it. Obtained 2,000 titles for the Argentinian Consulate's Library and exceeded the initial goal by 400%

Volunteer: Taught senior citizens basic computer and social media skills