Anthony Lee

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I am a mission-driven Software Engineer who is passionate about creating products that will make a positive impact.
Current Hiring Status
Closed to offers
Areas Of Expertise
Communications Technology and IT
Moonlyte Media
Software Engineer
09/2009 - present

Software Development
• Full-stack development with Ruby, Python, and Javascript
• Front-end development: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript (VueJS, ReactJS, D3, ES6, GraphQL)
• Building REST API with Rails
• Test Driven Development (Rspec, Capybara)
• Currently learning Elixir and Phoenix
• Currently learning iOS Development with Swift

Machine Learning and Data Science
• Applying machine learning algorithms using Scikit, Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow
• Computer Vision with OpenCV
• Visualization with D3.js, Chart.js, Matplotlib, Pyplot, and Tableau
• Currently learning Apache Kafka, Spark, Hadoop and MapReduce implementations

Art and Justice League
09/2009 - 09/2016

Provided a three month creative program and materials for girls in rehabilitation from sex trafficking situations. Fundraise $30,000 to provide computers, cameras and programs for our partner Hope for Justice in Cambodia.

Georgia Tech
Computer Science, Masters
2014 - 2020

Machine Learning and AI.

City College of New York
Communications, BA
1998 - 2012

School of Visual Arts
Photography, NA
1997 - 1998

What I Do

I build web apps.

What I Am Looking For

I am hoping to build this online community for nonprofit remote organizations, workers, and volunteers.


I traveled the world and got to meet some amazing people.